Hello, I'm Amber Gibbs, a surface pattern designer based in the suburbs of Portland OR, USA. With degrees in Art History and Graphic Design, it took me awhile to discover surface pattern design, but now that I have I feel this is a perfect for my talents. I am passionate about color and shape. While I enjoy learning new computer programs (no really!), I do the majority of my work in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator or on actual paper.

Recently my work has incorporated textured painted paper with collage. The process of cutting and gluing tiny pieces of paper reminds me of my childhood. I grew up a very rural small town in Eastern Oregon (Paisley OR, population 300, an hour drive from a hospital, doctor's office or decent sized grocery store). Catalogs were one of the windows to the larger world. My sister and I would spend hours cutting out paper families from the Sears Wishbook catalog. While I now use my own painted papers for my work, I still credit those childhood years with my fierce scissors skills.

Email is amber@ambergibbs.com
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