Have you ever wanted to launch your Spoonflower store or see your artwork in a repeating pattern for fabric or wallpaper but didn’t have the time and/or the technical know-how to make it work? Let’s work together and bring your vision to reality!
My name is Amber Gibbs. I’ve been running my own Spoonflower shop for several years. I am skilled at making patterns from a variety of artwork - originals, scans, or digital artwork in a variety of media. Getting your pattern into repeats allows you to pitch to fabric and wallpaper companies. Alternatively, you can open your own Spoonflower store and direct your fans to shop there. I am well versed setting up Spoonflower stores and all the technical parts that are required to get that up and running. 

I am also available for help with technical aspects of pattern design. This is very useful if you are learning to create your own patterns but need some one on one guidance at certain points. Whether you need help setting up your Spoonflower store, or fixing that white line or other technical problems related to pattern design, I can help. 
If you are interested in working with me, please contact me at  amber [at] ambergibbs.com or use my contact form. Rates will vary based on the complexity and length of the project, but I am available for just one pattern or a collection of patterns to open a Spoonflower shop. My base rate is $35 an hour.
Adobe Illustrator & vector based artwork
Adobe Photoshop & raster based artwork
Isolating artwork for pattern motifs
Procreate to Photoshop or Illustrator workflow
Extensive knowledge of pattern types & layouts
Previous experience working with artists designing and maintaining websites
In depth knowledge of Spoonflower & shop set up
Professional and prompt service

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